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Sheet Goods, Range and Application

The sheet goods are generally used manually for offhand applications. In some cases they are also used on hand sanding machines. Flint, Multicut, & Aloxide Papers are generally used on wood. Emery paper & Cloth are generally used for metal application Water Proof Paper as the name suggests is used for wet application such as in tinkering & painting of Automobiles.

Grit Range
1 Emery cloth Emery Glue 16-220 Sheets, Rolls, Belts, Discs Hand & light machine sanding of metals, rust removal polishing of metals.
2 Flint Paper Quartz Glue 24-220 Sheets General hand sanding of wood, walls & miscellaneous items
3 Multicut Paper Garnet Glue 24-220 Sheet Discs Hand & light machine sanding of hard wood specially in furniture & sports goods manufacturing
4 Emery Paper Emery Glue 24-220 Sheet Discs Hand & light machine sanding of metals
5 Aloxide Paper O.P Aloxide Glue 24-600 Sheets, Discs Non clogging paper for light machine sanding of wood
6 Aloxite Paper Aloxide R/G 24-600 Sheets, Rolls, Discs, Belt Metal sanding, sanding of hard wood, Leather buffering, polywood sanding
7 Silicon Paper Silicon Carbide R/G 24-800 Sheets, Rolls, Discs, Belt Sanding of photo engraving plates, leather sanding, olishing of picture tubes, watch cases etc
8 Waterproof Paper Silicon Carbide & Aloxide R/R 50-1500 Sheets, Rolls, Discs Wet sanding of paint, Auto lacquer, glass, auto repair & decorative products
9 Dry Lube Paper Silicon Carbide & Aloxide R/R 60-1500 Sheets, Discs Highly recommended where clogging is a problem e.g. seal coat or furniture, firmer coat on automoviles, removing varnish from wood by hand & orbital sander
10 Latex Paper Silicono Carbide R/R 60-1500 Sheets, Discs Suitable for critical finish sanding of curved surface e.g. automobiles, furniture, etc.

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